Winter puzzle to test attention: find 10 differences.

by banber130389

How to lift your New Year’s mood? And at the same time, extract maximum benefit from this process? You can, for example, solve visual puzzles. There are plenty of winter-themed ones!

It’s time to set aside all tasks and allow your eyes to relax a bit! Start by closing your eyelids and abstracting yourself from everything. Breathe deeply. Once you’re ready, slowly open your eyes. Get used to the lighting in the room. After that, take your phone in your hands and look at the illustration below.

Two pictures with a winter theme are shown here: the animal world rejoices in the snow and simply enjoys life. But it’s time to distract from the overall picture and look closely at the details… Between the two juxtaposed images, there are a total of 10 differences! Try to find them all.

This puzzle is of medium difficulty – both adults and children can cope with it, but each person may need a different amount of time for the search.

If you still can’t find several differences, scroll down and look at the answer.


Check: here are all 10 differences.