Will 15 seconds be enough for you to solve this brain teaser? Spot the logical mistake in the image!

by banber130389

It’s time to demonstrate your problem-solving abilities and see how proficient you are at brainteasers. You can also, if you’d like, carry a clock with you and see how quickly you can figure out the solution. The limited time for this test is 15 seconds!

These kind of IQ tests are very good for your mind. You can start your enjoyable journey by challenging your brain with a variety of accessible puzzles that range in difficulty.

 Then, you can compete in your knowledge stadium and emerge victorious by solving the riddles.

Now, take a moment to focus your attention on the image below that contains a logical mistake. Although the answer is a little complex, you could figure it out in under 15 seconds if you know the technique in the question.

Only when you have solved the question, you can see the reveal bellow.

Here it is. And the mistake is that September has 30 days and not 31! Have you managed to spot the mistake, and was the limited time enough for you?

We hope it was. Forward this to your loved ones, and see if they can solve this and share with them your results. Thank you for reading and being with us, we appreciate it. Enjoy your time and stay productive with us!