Whom are these two hunting? An old attention test that will test the strength of your eyes!

by banber130389

During your working day, your eyes were probably under a lot of strain, and now they need relaxation more than ever. We suggest combining business with pleasure and solving a small puzzle.

In the picture below, there is a rather unpleasant situation: two hunters and their dog are tracking a poor animal. It needs your help! Find the hidden silhouette of the rabbit they are hunting. But you need to do it as quickly as possible—try to do it in 15 seconds.

Set the timer, put aside all your tasks, and start searching!

Don’t take your eyes off the picture! Examine every detail, turn the picture one way, then the other… Maybe from another angle, you’ll be able to see something.

So, did you find it? If not, you can see the solution right below this picture!

Answer: Rotate the picture 90 degrees to the left. Pay attention to the grass and branches behind one of the hunters. See, now the ears and face of the animal are clearly visible?

What are your achievements? Were you able to find the rabbit? How many seconds did it take for the search?