Who are the natives hunting? What animal did the artist hide in the picture?

by banber130389

“Heavy childhood, wooden toys” – this phrase accurately describes those unfortunate people called aborigines. But why unfortunate, you may ask, and you would be absolutely right. Despite the fact that aborigines do not have televisions, smartphones, and the Internet, their lives do not become less vivid.

Aborigines are accustomed to their way of life, everything suits them, and they would hardly want to live in our world. Just imagine, you rejoice at the new smartphone you’ve been given, while aborigines rejoice at a new spear, a new clay cup, or a bunch of ripe yellow bananas they’ve found.

In order to survive in their environment, aborigines must procure food for themselves and their family members. But how, since animal husbandry is not particularly developed among them? Correct, hunting and fishing are the most relevant ways of obtaining food and forming reserves for these people.

Look at today’s picture. There are several, more precisely 6 aborigines chasing after an animal, hunting. Spears and bows are their main and indispensable weapons. And now for the puzzle task.

Can you find the animal the aborigines are hunting in the picture?

Did you manage to find the tiger in the picture? We are waiting for your answers in the comments.