Which dog stole the sausage? A cute picture puzzle for the most “observant” ones.

by banber130389

Want to test your attentiveness and spend some time with a smile on your face? Then this fun picture puzzle is perfect for you!

In this puzzle picture, dozens of charming dogs of different breeds are depicted. Some pets are playing with a ball, others are holding a bone in their teeth. And only one of the dogs has a sausage in its mouth. Can you find it?

This charming but not so easy task can be made more challenging – set a timer for 30 seconds. Try to fit into the allotted time!

Such a large gathering of cute dogs can confuse even an experienced lover of visual puzzles. But we believe in you!

Examine each adorable face – you will definitely find the one!

Found it already? Then scroll down to find out the correct answer and compare the results.


And here is the dog with the sausage in its teeth.

Toff London

Did you manage to solve the puzzle in half a minute? Feel free to share your results in the comments!