Where is the owner of the bear who is hidden in the picture? Can you find him?

by banber130389

Dear reader, for today we have prepared an intelligence test for you in the form of an optical illusion. See if you manage to find the owner of the bear in the image. A genius doesn’t need more than a few seconds to track him down.

The presented optical illusion shows the outline of a bear that has a man’s face hidden in it. As a result, the hardest part of the illusion is finding the individual.

Thousands of adults have failed, which is why it is believed that only the most intelligent will manage to screw them up.Intelligence tests are usually used by psychologists to see what an individual’s IQ level is.

Nowadays, many such tests can be found in the form of number strings, optical illusions, riddles, animal tests and more. We hope you will enjoy solving this one. We wish you good luck, see the reveal bellow!

Here he is. The master is facing the base of the bear’s neck, with the top of his face right at the base of the bear’s neck. We hope you enjoyed solving this.

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