Where is the fourth friend from this company in the picture?

by banber130389

Vladimir sent a message to all his friends, inviting them to meet him at a popular bar in the city. Ivan, Sanya, and Vasily were very happy to receive Vladimir’s invitation and quickly planned their trip to the city.

On the appointed day, the four friends met at the “Moskovia” bar. They hugged tightly and spent several hours reminiscing about old times. Vladimir ordered drinks for everyone, and they spent the whole evening chatting and laughing.

Time flew by quickly, and memories of their youth and joyrides in their fathers’ car with a trailer brought a lot of laughter to the friends. They remembered how they drove the car into a ditch and couldn’t get it out for several hours, and how Vladimir asked his friend Sergey to send a helicopter, and with the help of the “iron bird,” they pulled out the Zhiguli.

When the friends were about to leave for home, Vladimir decided to do whatever it took to keep them, to delay them for a couple more hours. Vladimir had a tendency towards bad habits and could disappear for weeks in bars and restaurants.

“Let’s chip in for the four of us,” Vladimir suggested, pulling out the last hundred from his pocket. Ivan and Sanya agreed to this, but their friend Vasily seemed to have disappeared somewhere. However, it was his contribution that was missing to continue the evening’s gathering.

Where is Vasily, the fourth friend, in the picture?