Where is the female live model with whom the artist paints portraits? Visual puzzle.

by banber130389

Today, in the era of high technology, the profession of “live models” is losing its relevance. Although its history is comparable to the emergence of drawing as an art form.

Many people do not know that a synonym for the word “live model” is “model.” Live models are especially needed in the process of teaching painting or drawing.

An artist must be able to convey the image of the person they are drawing – all their proportions, character, and mood – and do so while adhering to the rules of anatomy, perspective, and composition.

Today, we have selected an original puzzle for you. Take a look at the picture. It depicts an artist’s studio. Considering the factor that a steam locomotive is passing by outside, one could assume that this is the mid-19th century.

In the artist’s studio, there is a chair in front of the window. Who should be sitting on it? Correct, it should be a live model, or more precisely, a female live model. Where could this lady be found?

We await your answers in the comments. We hope you will cope with the task and find the live model in this picture.