Where is the bear in this picture? The hunter has almost found it.

by banber130389

Let’s start with the fact that encountering a bear in the woods is not the most pleasant sight. Especially if this meeting happens in winter, and the bear, for some reason, hasn’t gone into hibernation.

Also surprising are those hunters who confidently go into the woods without experience or hunting intuition.

Now let’s move on to a very interesting puzzle. So, before you is an “oil painting,” a hunter in winter has come to the forest and is looking for prey. But, it seems to us that he himself could become the prey.

Look carefully around. At first glance, there are no animals on the right or left. Although perhaps a snowy hare is sitting somewhere in the snow. In his snowshoes, this hunter, in our opinion, won’t be able to move quickly, so he needs to be able to shoot very accurately… After all, there’s a bear next to him…

Do you see the bear?

Well, let’s give a little hint. You need to turn the picture upside down, and it will be easier to find this wild animal. Give it a try…

Like this…

Well, that’s it. Everyone sees the bear now. Right? Well, carefully look to the right and remember, it’s still a puzzle – an illusion.