Where in the picture is the hunter that these rabbits are so afraid of?

by banber130389

Imagine this situation – two rabbits, a married couple, decided to go to the store for cabbage. At least that’s how they are depicted in the picture. So, the head of the family rabbit, nicknamed Speckled, is leading his wife rabbit, nicknamed Sweetie, to the store.

What do rabbits fear most in life after wolves? Of course, it’s hunters. After all, hunting rabbits is allowed in our country. And some people hunt rabbits not only for prey but also for sport. This is called a hobby for people.

Rabbit hunting as a hobby is a controversial topic because it involves pursuing and catching animals for sport. While some people enjoy hunting as a way to connect with nature. On the other hand, hunting can help manage populations of wild animals, preventing overpopulation and, as a result, damage to the habitat.

So, our hero – Speckled – heard an unfamiliar noise nearby. Speckled got scared, but didn’t see anyone. Sweetie also couldn’t see anyone and reassured Speckled, saying he imagined it.

Or maybe he didn’t imagine it? Do you see the hunter in this picture?