Where has the cunning Amour hidden with his arrows? A visual puzzle.

by banber130389

What could be more pleasant than a warm spring day, especially if it happens in early May, when flowers start to bloom on the trees, and the scent of approaching summer insistently demands relaxation and enjoyment.

On one of these days, a young lady named Tatiana decided to go to the garden and pick flowers from her fragrant apple tree. Judging by the attire of the young girl, it’s the late 18th to early 19th century. What else can we notice in the picture besides Tatiana, her apple tree, and her father’s estate? It turns out that Cupid with his arrows is hidden in the picture. Can you find him?

Cupid is derived from the French “amour,” which means “love,” and “amoureux” means “in love” or “lover.” Cupid is the youthful god of first love. According to legend, he was the son of Mars (Ares) and his lover Venus (Aphrodite).

So, where is Cupid in the picture?