Where did the lamb that this eagle snatched go? A visual puzzle for attentiveness.

by banber130389

The eagle is a very beautiful but at the same time formidable bird. Of course, it poses no danger to humans, but it can harm animals and other birds.

An eagle is capable of lifting objects weighing close to its own weight (up to 5.5 kg). There have been cases where eagles carried small lambs several kilometers away.

Usually, eagles hunt for prey in the mornings and then rest, basking in the sun after a hearty breakfast. Consequently, the larger and bigger the eagle’s prey, the longer it will rest, as such prey will suffice for a long time.

Yes, that’s just how nature works, and there’s nothing to be done about it. Today’s picture illustrates the scene described in the quatrain. Take a look at it.

In the picture, we see an eagle perched on a rock. Just 10 minutes ago, this bird took away a little lamb from the fields. Can you find the lamb in the picture?

We’ll be waiting for your answers in the comments.