Where did the doctor who came to help the sick child go? Visual puzzle.

by banber130389

In any case, winter means cold, wind, rain, snow, and bad moods. Why bad moods? Well, it’s precisely during the winter that various illnesses occur. Such as colds, runny noses, fever, and so on.

This especially applies to children because they don’t pay attention to their health. They might come home without a hat, in wet shoes, or even barefoot. The result is bed rest, milk with honey, and parental nerves being tested. And of course, huge expenses on medicine.

Let’s look at the puzzle task…

Just yesterday, Pete was playing with his friends in the park, where they built a great snowman from the freshly fallen, first snow. The boys ignored the weather and didn’t bother to wear winter boots. Now they’re all waiting to see the doctor, one by one.

Pete’s mom called the doctor two hours ago, but he still hasn’t come. At least, that’s what the woman thinks. Can you find the doctor in this picture?