Where did it go? A tricky task for the most attentive: find the missing car in the picture.

by banber130389

Do you have perfect vision? Then take the challenge and try to find the lost toy car in the picture!

Sharp vision, quick thinking, and a pinch of logic – that’s all you need to solve this visual puzzle. Are you up for the challenge?

The illustration depicts a cozy summer park filled with visitors. Children play basketball and rollerblade, while adults peacefully stroll and lie on a blanket under a tree.

In the lower part of the picture, confused teenagers are depicted – they have lost a remote-controlled toy car somewhere. Help them find it!

Can you do it in 5 seconds? Start the timer and begin the search.

Where could the car have gone? There is an obvious clue in the picture – a wheel track. Try to follow it, and you’ll surely find the missing toy.

Found it? Congratulations!

Scroll down to check the correct answer.


The car went under the ice cream vendor’s cart.

How quickly were you able to find it? Share your results in the comments!