What is this lady in a skirt hunting for? A visual puzzle to test your imagination.

by banber130389

Hunting in the midst of summer is quite an unusual and unproductive activity. Agree that the chance of spotting an animal among green branches and grass is very slim. However, hunting is not a means of food procurement for everyone, or more precisely, for practically no one. Today, in most cases, except for the peoples of the Far North and similar places, hunting for people is more like a hobby.

That’s precisely why, despite the dense green cover, two hunters with dogs set out for prey.

The only thing that really bothers us is the question of what this woman is doing on the hunt? No, we are by no means discriminatory towards girls, women, grandmothers, and so on. It’s just that a woman in a skirt, sitting sideways in a saddle, looks very strange, well, from the perspective of a hunter, that is.

And the artist’s last “fiasco.” Where are the tails of the horses? No, this is not yet a puzzle, it’s just an obvious fact that the artist forgot to draw.

And now the task itself: Who, or more precisely, what are these two careless hunters hunting for?

If it’s convenient for you, we’ve slightly changed the color of the picture. Perhaps it will be easier to complete the task this way.

We’re looking forward to your answers in the comments. We hope you can handle the task and find the beast that the hunters will catch today.