We went fishing and lost our friend. Where is the third fisherman in the picture?

by banber130389

Today’s visual puzzle is dedicated to fishing and hunting enthusiasts. How do you feel about fishing? And hunting? Perhaps someone in your family is an avid fisherman.

Surely, think about it, there must be some distant cousin of your cousin who caught a huge pike, and all the relatives know about it. We’re just sure that there’s such a person in every family.

And did you know that the ocean sunfish (mola mola) is the largest bony fish? It was caught in 1908 off the coast of Sydney. It was the largest specimen, reaching 3.1 meters in length, 4.1 meters in width, and weighing over 2.3 tons.

Take a look at today’s puzzle. Three avid fishermen agreed to fish on the local urban stream in the morning.

Of course, they will release all the fish they catch back into the water, as such fish are not suitable for consumption. In the picture, we clearly see two fishermen, but not everyone will spot the third.

Where is their friend, the third fisherman?