Vintage attention test: only 10% of people can see a camel in the picture, are you among them?

by banber130389

Time to train your brain! Take a five-minute break and dedicate this time to our puzzle.

Can you improve your memory, attention, concentration, relieve stress, and develop creativity and logical thinking in just a few minutes? Turns out, you can. To do this, you just need to solve a visual puzzle, like the one we’ll present to you in this test.

If you want to reap all the benefits mentioned above, make solving puzzles a part of your daily routine. Just five (or even fewer) minutes a day—it’s not much, but the benefits are substantial!

So, are you ready for a challenge for your eyes and brain? Pay attention to the picture. Find the hidden silhouette of a camel on it! And don’t forget to set a timer; we’re working against the clock.

Working against the clock is necessary primarily to develop the speed of your thinking and the speed of your eye movements. The higher this speed, the faster you’ll start analyzing situations, making complex decisions, increasing your productivity, and feeling more confident in communication and interaction with others.

Don’t get distracted; return to the picture and take another look. Where could such a large animal like a camel be hiding?

Check your answer right below the picture.


Many, upon seeing the word “camel,” start looking for one or two humps—the distinctive features of these animals. Because of this, they lose a lot of time in their search. Well done to those who didn’t focus on the preconceived silhouette in their minds and just examined the picture, grasping the details.

And if you turn the image, you can see the face of the camel!