Two boys went swimming. Question: where did the second boy go?

by banber130389

Ilya and Vasya were two enterprising boys who loved exploring nature. They lived in a small village by the river and often swam in the river during the hot summer months. One day they decided to go for a swim without the permission of the adults.

They sneaked out of their homes early in the morning, loaded their backpacks with food, and headed to the river. When they reached the river, they changed into their shorts and jumped into the cool, refreshing water.

For several hours, they swam and played in the river, enjoying the freedom and excitement of being alone. They ate the snacks they had brought, talked, laughed, and splashed each other with water.

By the end of the day, the boys started to get tired. Vasya, in particular, was struggling to stay afloat. Ilya tried to persuade him to take a break and rest on the riverbank, but Vasya refused. He was determined to keep swimming, even though his strokes were becoming weaker and more unstable.

And now, look at this picture where Ilya is calling for help from the adults. Ilya has lost sight of Vasya and is very worried about his friend. Can you find Vasya in the picture? Where is this disobedient, mischievous boy?