Try it now. There is a big mistake in the picture, can you find it?

by banber130389

Mastering the skill of detecting small details is a valuable asset that can provide you with a significant advantage. Whether you’re casually strolling or relaxing at home, there’s always a plethora of unnoticed details and bits of information surrounding you!

Our brains grapple with processing everything in our environment, but you can enhance your discernment by engaging with the photo puzzles we’ve presented. Take a careful look at the image above. Your task is to spot a flaw—a significant error that renders the entire scene implausible, if not completely impossible.

In the photo, a man sits comfortably in an armchair, engrossed in a book and wearing glasses. He benefits from a well-placed bright light for optimal reading conditions. But where does the mistake lie? Is it related to the individual or his surroundings?

The clock is ticking, and the time limit for solving the puzzle is running out! Stay attentive, or you might miss the chance to solve this enigma.

Before we reveal the correct answer, here’s one final hint: the mistake you’re searching for is somehow linked to that lamp. Take another glance, and when you’re prepared, scroll down to uncover the solution.