This visual puzzle is over 100 years old, but even today, not everyone can figure out where the second boot is.

by banber130389

Among all those who have already solved this puzzle, only 5% of people were able to do it in just a few seconds. Can you join this number?

The ability to quickly solve puzzles indicates the brain’s readiness to process information rapidly. If you can’t boast of this skill yet, it’s worth training!

Quick thinking helps make decisions more efficiently in everyday life, memorize new knowledge, improve concentration and attention, which is beneficial for tasks requiring high focus. Lastly, brain training can help prevent age-related dementia and other brain function decline-related diseases.

People have known about all these benefits of brain training for a long time. Therefore, for centuries, they have created various visual puzzles. We invite you to solve one of them!

Examine the picture carefully: a man is holding one boot in his hands, but where is the second one? Help find it! Start the stopwatch and record the time it takes you to complete this task.

Hurry up! And don’t get distracted by anything.

If you can’t find the item you’re looking for at all, don’t be upset – the answer will be waiting for you below.

Answer: Are you ready to see the solution? So here it is – everything was extremely simple!

Did you manage to find the boot in the picture? And how many seconds did you spend on the search?