This squirrel can come to anyone. Why? Because it needs help finding the acorn. Shall we help?

by banber130389

Do you like animals? How often do you feed stray animals? After all, it is our moral duty to help the defenseless. So today we offer you, so to speak, to help one of the representatives of the wildlife. Although in jest, your mood will improve from a good deed.

The essence of the story is as follows. Imagine a city park with many cedar trees growing in it. The inhabitants of this park are already accustomed to the attention of people. Every day they see families walking, athletes riding bicycles, and young people loudly listening to music.

By the way, it is the young people that they like the least, because they do not let the permanent residents of this park – squirrels – relax and enjoy the warm autumn day.

Every day, one passerby or another treated the squirrels to “goodies,” sometimes causing the squirrels’ stomachs to ache. Over time, this became a tradition, and the squirrels began to simply be cheeky, even jumping onto the shoulders of passersby and begging for nuts.

Almost like monkeys on the islands of Thailand. However, the guests were not particularly upset, as their children really liked the animals.

And so today, as usual, one little squirrel climbed down from a cedar tree to the people and with its pitiful look began to beg for a nut.

Immediately a question for the connoisseurs – is ACORN A NUT OR NOT?

But someone already threw an acorn to the squirrel, only the squirrel doesn’t see where it is.

So, in this picture, you had to help the squirrel find the acorn…