This simple at first glance image actually hides a mistake. Try to find it as quickly as possible

by banber130389

Are you prepared to take on a challenging brainteaser with us and exercise your brain and mind? Look at this strange assortment of shoes for a while, and in just six seconds, see if you can spot the odd one in there!

This test assesses both your ability to think creatively and your acute observational skills. Get ready to use your brain when you take this entertaining quiz with a shoe theme. There are seven pairs of shoes in the group of shoes you see in front of you. Your task: in just six seconds, determine which odd difference is there in this visual puzzle.

Be ready to be baffled by this seemingly easy problem that can trick even the most discerning wits. Even while it might seem simple at first, the solution might be unexpectedly difficult to find. See the reveal bellow.

And here is the right answer and the solution to this test. The one pair of shoes are the same, both right, which is surely a mistake. We hope you managed to find it just in time. Be sure to challenge your friends to test their attention too, and share with them your results. Thank you for your attention and support. Enjoy your time!