This puzzle has stumped the internet! Only 2 out of 10 people can notice the mistake in the picture.

by banber130389

Another challenge for your mind: can you join the small number of people who were able to quickly find the mistake made by the artist in this picture?

In an English magazine, a series of various pictures was once published, where the artist intentionally made logical errors. This was done not only to entertain readers and help them pass the time but also to develop their logical thinking and improve their vision.

We invite you to train your eyes and brain by solving a small visual test consisting of just one such picture. Prepare carefully for the task, set aside all your affairs, and ask those around you not to disturb you for a while.

Carefully examine the image below and try to find the mistake. Keep in mind that you have exactly 30 seconds, no more! Can you handle it in such a short time?

Take a good look! However, in addition to visual skills, don’t forget to use your logic. It will definitely help you.

You can check yourself by scrolling down a bit— the answer to the puzzle is attached there.


The mistake is in this part of the image:

Take a closer look: the garage door opens inward, not outward. It won’t be possible to close it when the car is inside! To fix this engineering mistake, a major repair will be needed in the garage…

Well, did you manage in 30 seconds?