They stole the cow, which is a nursemaid. Where in the picture are two thieves and the cow? Visual puzzle.

by banber130389

Have we already told you about the carelessness of Nikola the shepherd, do you remember him? He lives somewhere in the vicinity of Old Dubrovsk (that’s in the Remsk region, Dunai district), and somehow he almost lost his flock to the wolves. So, today, this “fool” has gotten himself into trouble again.

The thing is, his father went to the city and asked Nikola to look after the farm. Nikola, taking advantage of the situation, threw a wild party at his father’s farm. He gathered many friends, bought ice cream and chips, and the guys brought soda. All night they listened to classical music and not only kept the neighbors awake but also the animals themselves.

And in the morning, when Nikola went to check on the entrusted farm, he found one cow missing. Since Nikola was a somewhat clever guy, he immediately realized that he needed to hide his father’s wide belt until his father returned home. And as you can see, he ran to do that right away. Although he could have still saved the animal and found the thieves because they hadn’t gotten far.

Where are the 2 thieves and the cow they stole?

To help you solve the task, we slightly changed the color of the picture. In our opinion, in this color, the perception of the hidden objects in the picture is significantly enhanced.

We look forward to your answers in the comments.