These two simple identical photos actually have three differences. Can you find them?

by banber130389

Actually, identifying differences between images is a fantastic brain exercise. Being current never ends; you always pick up new skills and develop your attention to detail. We further demand that you observe an improvement in your ability to make snap decisions following completion of numerous assessments of this nature.

Now focus, as we are going to present an IQ test like that. A photo of a woman is introduced to you. There are three differences between the two identical photos. You should locate them in less than 15 seconds.

We have no doubts about your success. Just take your time and look for the differences—even if you run out of time—because this will  train your mind anyway! We now wish you luck and will shortly disclose the correct answer.

Here are the three differences. We hope you were able to locate each one of them. Give your friends a challenge to look for the differences as well, and then share your results with them. We appreciate your support! Enjoy your time.