There is one detail that differs the two images. Find it in 10 seconds!

by banber130389

Greetings and welcome to the next fascinating observation task! Differences can sometimes be found in the details, and today you’ll visit a unique museum where a well-known piece of art awaits your admiration.

A girl can be seen in the picture reflecting on one of the most famous sculptures ever made.

One interesting little element, though, is that there’s a slight variation between two identical photographs that you have to find. Let’s look at the drawings that served as our inspiration for this scene before we begin our hunt for discrepancies. “The Thinker” artwork:

Carefully compare the two identical images and spot the only difference hiding between them. We are sure you can do this, just be attentive and don’t forget about the time pressure.

It will lead you to the best result. For now, we wish you good luck. See the reveal below whenever you are ready!

Here it is. The only difference you had to spot was in the statue. We really hope you have managed to spot it under the limited time.

Stay productive with us and enjoy solving these visual puzzles that will improve your mental skills and abilities. Enjoy your time!