There is a mistake in this kind and cute image of a grandma playing with her cats. Find it!

by banber130389

We are very happy to introduce you another very interesting IQ test to your attention. Errors in visual puzzles are frequently subtle and call for close examination. In patterns, shapes, or elements that are different from the rest, look for discrepancies.

Be mindful of the symmetry, colors, and proportions, among other elements. If there is text in the puzzle, carefully study it to look for spelling or grammar mistakes.

If one of the puzzle’s pieces is an image with repeating patterns, for example, look for any deviations or irregularities in it. If the image consists of multiple objects, make sure each one fits the broader subject by closely examining it.

Recall to follow your gut and rapidly go through the full image in the allotted time. The secret is to maintain concentrate and spot anything that deviates from the typical pattern.

Examine the introduced image bellow and spot the mistake. This is your main task. See the reveal bellow whenever you find the mistake. We wish you good luck.

Here is the mistake! The cat has a dog’s tail! It seems simple, but if you have found it you can proudly claim you are a genius. We hope you enjoyed the process of solving it.

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