There are 3 hidden faces in the image. You have only 7 seconds to spot all of them!

by banber130389

Are you ready for another captivating and very interesting IQ test? We are happy to introduce it to our very attentive and eagle-eyed readers! This time the test is very unique and fun to solve. Your task will be identifying hidden objects!

You will be testing your ability to observe under time constraints. You have only 7 seconds to identify the three hidden faces between these two incredible colorful and detailed images.

For the best result, give your eyes a chance to relax before you begin. This little action can reduce stress and improve concentration.

Now, set the timer and get started. 7 seconds may seem not enough for you, but we are sure you can do this. Just believe in yourself and be confident. We wish you good luck. See the reveal bellow whenever you are ready!

Here are the three hidden faces that were hiding from you in the image. We hope the limited time was enough for you to spot the faces.

We appreciate your support and attention, and thank you for choosing us for spending the productive time of your day with. Solve other IQ tests and challenges, and share them with your friends too. Enjoy your time!