The Year of the Rabbit will surely bring luck if you manage to complete the task and find all the hidden objects in the picture!

by banber130389

Despite the fact that all the New Year holidays have already ended, and most people have started the new work year, we have prepared another visual puzzle for you, our dear readers.

In fact, this puzzle is very simple. In our opinion, even children will handle it. Look at the picture; it features the symbol of the New Year, 2023 – a rabbit. The happy creature sits in the forest and enjoys the summer’s fresh air.

Fun fact: Rabbits are often confused with hares. However, there are many differences between these animals, despite being biological relatives. For example, a hare can reach running speeds of 72 km/h, while a rabbit can only reach 56 km/h.

Can you find all the hidden objects in this picture? Specifically: a paintbrush, a guitar, a bird, ice cream, a clock, and a pear?

Try to count how much time it takes you to complete the task. On average, adults take 15-20 seconds to solve this puzzle, while children solve it in 20-30 seconds.

To make it easier for you, we’ll show you what all the hidden objects should look like in a visual representation.

With such a hint, the task should be easier to accomplish. Try showing the task to your children, grandchildren, siblings of school and preschool age. How quickly will they solve the puzzle?