The two mermaid images are actually not flawlessly identical. Are you attentive enough to spot the differences?

by banber130389

Test your ability to observe with our spot the difference test-game, which has an alluring image of a mermaid. Enter the captivating world of our IQ puzzles, where the secrets concealed in the alluring Mermaid image can only be discovered by the keenest eyes.

As you lose yourself in the underwater picture, pay attention to three minute variations that the artist has skillfully incorporated into the piece, so you can find them. Take on this aquatic puzzle challenge and see how quickly your keen eyes can find the hidden differences.

As you discover the mysteries of the mermaid’s enchanted realm, relish the excitement of the chase and rejoice in your victory! Whenever you are ready, see the reveal bellow, and find out if you have spotted all the three differences.

Here they are, we introduced them in the circles. We really hope you managed to find all of them, and some seconds were enough for you to do it. But most importantly, we hope you enjoyed the process of solving it. Enjoy your time, and don’t forget to challenge your friends to test their attention too!