The puzzle from Africa. What are these natives hunting?

by banber130389

We want to note right away that today’s puzzle will come with the answer. From our observations, when we present a new riddle and don’t provide the answer at the end, some participants start to get upset – why isn’t there a correct answer? But if we do provide the correct answer at the end of the puzzle, another group of participants starts to get upset – why are we giving away the answer and not letting people think about solving the puzzle on their own?

So, it turns out to be a paradox. Nevertheless, should we provide the correct answer at the end of the task? Write your opinion in the comments.

And now let’s move on directly to the puzzle itself. Today it is presented in an African style. Joyful natives from the Mursi tribe are celebrating the start of the hunting season. Today they have the opportunity to catch many animals, as the tribe’s leader, named Il, has given permission to hunt.

What animal are the natives hunting today? Can you find this animal in the picture?

While you solve the puzzle and to avoid revealing the correct answer right away, we will provide some interesting facts about the natives:

– Aboriginal people have inhabited Australia for about 50 thousand years, and for 40 thousand of those years, the lives of these tribes remained unchanged.
– Tattoos on the faces of representatives of African tribes serve as a kind of “passport,” through which you can learn almost everything about a person.
– According to the natives, life on Earth was created by some deity, which then ascended to the heavens.

And now, as promised, we present to you the correct answer. Look at the next picture, and you will understand what these wild people are hunting.