The morning would have been good if the pig hadn’t run away. Could you find the runaway pig in this picture?

by banber130389

The thing is, his father, the farm owner, decided to fully entrust his farm to his son. After all, over the past three months, Nikolai had shown good results in managing the farm. There hadn’t been a single misstep from him, and the pigs and sheep were well-fed and steadily gaining weight.

And so, it was time for a break. Like he does every year, Nikolai’s father packed his things, got into his brand-new INFINITI QX80 (purchased with funds received through the state support program for domestic agricultural producers), and set off for the sea.

Fortunately, he wouldn’t be able to take substantial amounts of money abroad, as he was under a travel ban for exporting undeclared lard. Therefore, for his haven for the next two weeks, he chose Crimea.

It turned out that Nikolai couldn’t quite handle everything on the farm all at once. On the very first day of sole management, a large pig named Zoyka escaped from him. Nikolai and his dog immediately set out to search.

Can you find Nikolai’s escaped pig and dog in the picture?