The monkey hid in the enclosure with the giraffes – find it within 30 seconds.

by banber130389

The family came to the zoo, and the children enthusiastically began to feed the giraffes with carrots. But there is an uninvited guest in the enclosure… It’s a monkey that escaped from its family and came in search of treats from other animals.

Your task is to find the monkey and return it to its natural habitat. This is a simple test of attention, but only a few manage to pass it. Are you ready to test your keenness? Then set a timer for one minute and start searching!

Scroll down to see the answer.

We are confident that it took you much less than a minute to spot the animal. If you still couldn’t find the monkey, don’t give up! It’s definitely hiding in the picture.

To enhance your attention, take more tests and solve puzzles – you’ll find yourself breezing through them in no time!