The little mouse hid from the kittens – help the owner find it.

by banber130389

Today’s visual puzzle will not only allow you to test your observation skills but also help you relax, switch gears, and unload your nervous system.

To solve this puzzle, you’ll need sharp eyesight. Let’s find out how keen your eyes are. However, the picture is not simple at all; it has many small elements that can be distracting.

In the illustration, happy children are playing outside in the summer. Two of them are engrossed with kittens, but the older girl seems to have lost something and can’t find it. Indeed, she has lost a little mouse. You need to find it quickly before the kittens scare the little one.

Time yourself for 15 seconds and try to solve it within that time. But if you can’t manage to do it in time or if you can’t solve the puzzle at all, don’t worry—next time, the result will surely be better. The solution is provided below. The little mouse has hidden under the girl’s armpit.