The level of the difficulty of this test appreciated by the users. Will you agree that it is difficult?

by banber130389

This challenge made a big impression on users due to its level of its difficulty and users claim that it is very complicated, even though seems easy from the first sight. Here you will have to demonstrate your intelligence and quickly solve the mathematical problem, that has caused all those discussions.

Test your math skills to find the answer in less than a minute. The faster you find it, the higher you can consider the level of your intelligence. Let’s get started, we wish you good luck!

The challenge offers you a unique mental exercise. This number problem will not only stimulate your brain but will also make you enjoy every step of the way. Each calculation is like a bite that brings you closer to the final answer. We believe that you can show that you can experience success in less than a minute. Now, you can see the reveal answser of the exercise bellow!

Cake + Cake = 50

Cake = 25

Donut x Cake = 250

Donut = 10

Ice Cream x Donut = 500

Ice cream = 50

Ice Cream + Cake x Donut = 50 + 25 x 10

50 + 250 = 300

So the answer is: 300.

We hope you succeed. Don’t forget to share the task with your friends and family too, to see if they can solve it too. Thank you for reading and being with us, we appreciate it. Enjoy your time!