The lady is entertaining a stranger and is unaware that her jealous husband is nearby. Where is he in the picture?

by banber130389

Long ago in many countries around the world, a tradition was established where one or more times a week, people visit various entertainment venues. If today it’s mostly clubs and discos, in ancient times, the maximum a “party-goer” could go to was a bar.

In reality, such a lifestyle doesn’t bring anything useful, quite the opposite. Therefore, it’s better to spend time with family or friends engaging in active or passive leisure activities. And our channel, in turn, organizes passive leisure for you in the form of riddles and puzzles. So don’t forget to subscribe and like.

And now let’s move on to our puzzle. The essence of the story is…

Madam Janet works in a night bar somewhere on the outskirts of Fitzrovia (a district of London).

The Fitzrovia area, named after the popular tavern Fitzroy, located on Charlotte Street – a favorite place of London’s bohemia.

The thing is, due to the rising cost of utilities, the family decided that all adult members should start working. But Madam Janet didn’t have a good education to find a prestigious job. So she had to get a job at one of the taverns in Fitzrovia.

Her husband was very jealous, and he didn’t like that Janet had to work at night. So he often watched his wife. And today he came again and hid in the bar.

Can you find this lady’s husband in the picture?