The inkwell in the picture is visible to everyone, but not everyone will understand where the boy is. It’s a visual puzzle.

by banber130389

The inkwell is a small vessel in which ink was stored. This ink was used in writing with a pen.

Depending on the country and era, inkwells varied in size and were made from a variety of materials: porcelain, metals, stone, or polymers.

Today, in our picture, there is such an inkwell. Look, this item is made of glass, and its bottom part has a wide volume. Generally, inkwells held no more than 100-200 ml of ink.

This was enough to write a dozen letters. And the drawback of ink, of course, was its tendency to dry slowly.

Now let’s move on to our puzzle. The thing is, in the picture, there is not only an inkwell but also its owner – a boy. Where is this boy?

Can you find him?