The idea that there is a cat in this image seeks absurd. Are you able to locate it?

by banber130389

Utilize this optical illusion eye test to test your vision! Can you locate the hidden cat in the image of a girl doing housework in less than 10 seconds? Give it a try right now and find out how good your concentration is.

Try your visual perception skills with the optical illusion eye test! There’s a cleverly disguised silhouette of a cat in the kids’ marathon photo that needs to be found. You have only six seconds to locate it!

This seemingly simple exercise tests your eyes and highly delicate observational skills. The reader will have a harder time discovering the hidden object because the cat seems to be merging in with the surroundings.

Now, focus your attention on the scene, taking note of small details and color variations. You can view the reveal below whenever you’re ready!

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