The French were skilled at creating riddles. Where is the man in the picture that Sophie is waiting for? Original 19th-century puzzle.

by banber130389

Despite her young age, this young Frenchwoman named Sophie has already experienced feelings of true love for a Russian lad named Grigory. The thing is, the young people didn’t know each other just a week ago, but it turned out that they were both invited to a party by a mutual friend.

Sophie was very shy and afraid to approach and get to know Grigory, even though she was immediately attracted to him. Grigory, on the other hand, was not timid at all and after the party, offered to give the girl a ride home on his bicycle.

The young couple exchanged addresses and agreed to meet again on the shore of Lake “Orkole,” located in the French province of “Hudor.” Sophie was charmed by the young man and couldn’t close her eyes all night, thinking about Grigory.

Despite his Russian accent, Sophie decided to try to create a pair with him at all costs and introduce the young man to her family.

Exactly 2 hours passed from the moment Sophie arrived at the pier where she was supposed to meet Grigory. But she never saw the young man.

What happened to the guy, where’s Grigory in the picture?