The fox hid to steal the birds. Try to find him in 20 seconds

by banber130389

Today’s IQ test is very interesting! The situation is like this. Geese are in danger.The main enemy of poultry is foxes. Chickens should be especially afraid of them; foxes steal them most often.

But the main characters of our task are the geese, and they let their guard down for a while, confident in their safety. But it was not there. There is a fox lurking very close by, ready to attack.

Can you find him as quickly as possible? So that we have time to drive her away and save the geese. Let’s see how long it takes you to find the animal. Whenever you are ready we can look at the reveal together, and see where he was this whole time!

The fox is here! We hope you managed to see it just in time. We appreciate your support and attention, that inspires us to share more and more interesting puzzles, so you can spend your time productively with us. Enjoy your time!