The fox has taken to preying on the geese, and yet she’s not afraid of the master’s dog. Where is the dog in the picture?

by banber130389

Well, friends, once again we have a new addition to our collection of puzzles. A visual puzzle from the series – the typical everyday life of a peasant. Living in the village is not easy at all, because you constantly have to take care of the household. And even if you don’t have animals, domestic chores like gardening, clearing snow, and stoking the stove won’t let you relax.

And our story today will be about a cunning fox that has taken to preying on the master’s chickens and geese. So, Semen Nikolaevich (the owner of the yard) noticed a month ago that one of his chickens or geese would disappear from the barn from time to time. He searched for the reason for a long time, and then he saw through the window how a cunning fox was carrying his goose in its mouth in broad daylight.

And Semen Nikolaevich understood why the prankster acts during the day. At night, he releases his dog with its leash so it can guard the house and the garden, and during the day, he ties it back up. The fox is not stupid, so she understood when to come for treats.

Can you find the dog in this picture? The guard who can’t catch the fox?

By the way, doesn’t it seem to you that you can clearly observe the profile of the yard’s owner, Semen Nikolaevich himself, above the doghouse? Take a look…

We’re waiting for your answers in the comments. We hope you can handle the task.