The enthusiast of ‘having a sip’ at work – this shepherd is about to lose his flock, as the wolf is very close by. Where’s the wolf in the picture?

by banber130389

It’s never worth dealing with irresponsible and clueless workers. Such ‘professionals’ certainly won’t bring you anything good, only losses. And today’s story could end badly for the owner of these sheep, Boyar Pan Shevchenko.

The thing is, Pan hired an irresponsible and clueless shepherd, Nikola. We’ve already written about this ‘enthusiast’ of extreme sensations before. Remember how he almost ruined his father’s flock of sheep? Well, fate brought our Nikola to work for the master.

Nikola isn’t a bad guy, but his passion for alcohol won’t lead to anything good. So today, on a regular workday, in the middle of the week, Nikola decided to celebrate and brought a bottle of alcohol to work with him.

Well, what can I say? Firstly, after Nikola fell asleep under the tree, almost all of his flock had scattered, and out of 18 sheep, only three animals remained nearby. Secondly, Nikola might come home without any sheep at all because the wolf next to the shepherd is already eyeing the last sheep.

Where’s the wolf in the picture? Can you find it?