The bully hung the cat by its tail. Where is this scoundrel in the picture? A visual puzzle to test your attentiveness.

by banber130389

The history of visual puzzles spans many centuries, and the exact origin of the first visual puzzle is unclear. However, some of the earliest examples of visual puzzles can be found in ancient Egyptian and Greek art, as well as in medieval European manuscripts.

One of the most famous early creators of visual puzzles was the Italian artist and architect Giuseppe Arcimboldo, who lived in the 16th century. Arcimboldo was known for his imaginative and illusionistic paintings, in which faces were composed of various objects such as fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

These paintings were often intended to challenge viewers to find all the hidden objects within the faces.

Another well-known creator of visual puzzles was the British artist William Hogarth, who lived in the 18th century. Hogarth’s “Satire on False Perspective” was a notable example of a visual puzzle that tasked viewers with finding all the distorted elements within the picture.

Overall, the history of visual puzzles is rich and diverse, and many artists and thinkers throughout history have contributed to their development and evolution.

Now, take a look at today’s picture. In it, you can see a poor cat who someone has tied by the tail to a bell. Where is the offender?