The boys were secretly swimming in the paid pond. Where did the guard hide?

by banber130389

Who would have thought that today almost all ponds and water bodies, in most regions of our country, would be paid? On one hand, private owners are maintaining them. They clean them, stock them with fish, organize paid fishing trips, and recreational areas.

On the other hand, there are many disgruntled people who argue about the illegality of organizing paid beaches. According to these people, access to ponds, lakes, and rivers should be open.

Who’s right and who’s wrong, we won’t judge. After all, everyone has their own truth, as much as we might wish otherwise.

And now let’s look at our puzzle. The picture shows a pond. This pond was bought by a wealthy businessman and improved. He built several cafes on the shore, made a pier, and organized catamaran rentals.

The only thing that locals didn’t like was that entrance to the beach was paid. Absolutely everyone, including children and pensioners, had to pay a significant amount to visit the beach.

This led to children secretly coming to the water early in the morning to swim there. Even today, we see kids secretly splashing in the water.

But the cunning businessman hired a guard named Boris to prevent the children from swimming in the pond. However, Boris was “one of us,” so during his shifts, he would hide to the side and pretend not to see anyone. Thus, giving the children a chance to swim a little.

So where did the guard Boris hide? Can you find him in the picture?