The boy went to fetch water and disappeared. And do you see Vasya in the picture?

by banber130389

“Missing: 8-year-old boy named Vasily, of ‘plump’ build. Has a dragon tattoo on his right cheek. Loves semolina porridge. Finder is urgently requested to feed, clothe, shoe, and send him home.”

That’s the notice the mother of the missing boy submitted to the newspaper in the morning. The thing is, Vasily was raised by his mother alone. His father, a scoundrel, left the family when the boy was only three years old. So, Vasily from a young age was accustomed to helping his mother with household chores.

Every day, due to the lack of running water in the house, the boy had to fetch water from the well. And since their family had a large farm, the boy had to do this several times a day. You can imagine how much water is needed to water a cow. And Vasily had two cows in the barn.

Saturday morning didn’t portend any trouble, and as usual, Vasily took two empty buckets and headed to the well for water.

About 30 minutes passed, but Vasily never returned. His mother, Svetlana, began to worry and decided to check on Vasya. Approaching the well and peering into it, Svetlana didn’t see Vasily there (which was a relief).

So where did Vasya, the rascal, hide? Where is that boy?