The boy shows the girl animals, but she doesn’t see them. What animals are in the picture?

by banber130389

How can one see what seems impossible to see? That’s the question one of our subscribers asked us. That’s where the essence lies. There are puzzles that are very easy to solve. That is, they are accessible to certain people, while another group participating cannot solve them.

So, we present a mathematical puzzle and notice that the same participants leave their answers in the comments. For visual puzzles, it’s the other subscribers who provide answers. It turns out that everyone’s brain develops differently, as each person is unique.

Today, we present to you a visual puzzle – an illusion.

One warm winter evening, a boy named Sasha suggested to his girlfriend Veronica to take a walk in the forest. The thing is, Sasha, while walking in the forest with his father, noticed several animals.

He told his dad about it, but his father just laughed and said that there are no animals in the forest and there can’t be any, especially in winter when they would be hard to miss on the white snow.

Sasha couldn’t convince his father, although he clearly saw several wild animals. And now he is showing these animals to Veronica. But she, like Sasha’s father, doesn’t see any animals in the forest.

Perhaps you can solve this visual puzzle. How many and what kind of animals do you see in this picture?