Test your intelligence. In just 15 seconds, only a detective’s brain can unravel the riddle of poisoned drinks!

by banber130389

This is an IQ test challenge. Only those with a mind somewhat like Sherlock Holmes’s will be able to unravel the mystery of the poisoned drinks in under 15 seconds! This was meant to be a brainteaser to gauge your level of understanding. A dead man sitting on a chair and a woman are visible in the picture.

Four glasses are visible next to the woman on the table, and one glass is next to the deceased male. According to the challenge,

“A guy and a woman went to a restaurant for dinner. It was really hot, so she ordered five iced drinks as they waited for the main dish. The male just took one drink, but the woman consumed four at once. The man eventually became sick and passed away. According to doctors, every drink was contaminated.

The mystery of poisoned drinks can only be solved by a detective’s wits! “Why did the woman remain alive even though the man had passed away?” Bright Side is the image source. The riddle asks viewers to piece together the mystery around tainted drinks by asking

“Why did the woman survive the man’s death?” You can find the answers to this puzzle directly beneath the question, so be careful not to cheat by scrolling too far!

Did you figure out the poisoned drink riddle in under 15 seconds?

You can figure out the enigma if you consider the poisoned drinks that were on the table. The ice contained the poison. The woman drank rapidly, preventing the ice from melting. The poison dissolved into the man’s drink as he sipped it carefully. The man died as a result of slowly consuming the tainted ice drink, according to the solution to this mental puzzle.