“Sniff like a dog, eyes like an eagle.” Where are the two criminals in the picture that the dogs cannot find?

by banber130389

Little One and Kuzma were two well-trained dogs working in the police force. They were partners and had served together for several years, always successfully catching criminals and ensuring safety on the streets.

One day, their commander called them and informed them about a group of robbers who were burglarizing homes in a neighboring city. Little One and Kuzma were tasked with tracking down these criminals and bringing them to justice.

The two dogs set out on the trail, their powerful noses leading them across fields and forests, rivers and hills. They worked tirelessly for several days, following every lead and never giving up.

Finally, they caught the scent of the robbers and began to track them. They followed the trail to an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of the city. The dogs barked and growled, alerting their handlers to the presence of the criminals inside.

The police arrived but failed to apprehend the robbers as they never understood where the criminals were located.

Take a close look at the picture and find the two criminals in the picture. Where are they, can you see them?