Sharp eye: find the cat among the sweets. Only the most keen can do it in less than 5 seconds.

by banber130389

This sweet puzzle is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent. Shall we test your attentiveness?

We all love visual puzzles, don’t we? After all, they help us exercise our brains and test our skills in finding hidden details. Today’s puzzle is not only challenging but also extremely cute. It features a bunch of sweet treats and… one cat.

Take just five seconds, carefully examine the picture with cupcakes and croissants, and try to find the kitty.

Ready to test your vision? Let’s go!

Where has this charming fluffy little one hidden? Squint your eyes and carefully examine every corner of the picture!

Have you already found the cat? Then confidently scroll down to check the result and find out the correct answer.


The cute kitty curled up into a ball and fell asleep.