Riddle from Antarctica: who is hiding among the penguins?

by banber130389

A riddle straight from Antarctica: a gathering of penguins took place. They are relaxing, chatting, building snowmen — in short, having a great time. But in the picture, besides the birds, there are other animals.

The author added three cats to this party. They blended in so well that noticing them right away is almost impossible. However, if you look closely, the pets will reveal themselves. Can you find them?

The cats are black with a white chest, just like the penguins. So, look in both places to spot them. Below, we share the solution. For those who couldn’t find the cats on their own, we reveal where to look. Couldn’t find them?

No worries! You’ll definitely succeed next time. As for our attentive readers who found the animals, well done!